Creating a lead that wants to know more.

Build a system that makes customers believe you are the obvious choice regardless of price.

How to you produce a perception that you are the expert in what you do? Why would people surfing the web, calling in, or visiting your business want to do business with you regardless of price?

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Making the sale and creating a long term client

“How to Find, Sell, Close and Keep More Customers”


Business leaders must manage every lead through a sales process that includes Finding, Selling, Closing and Keeping more customers.

  1. Find – in one place will happen right through the web.
  2. Consult – by getting to know a customer’s needs so you can provide a solution that is meant for your customer.
  3. Present – a solution that matches the needs of your interested leads to keep them wanting to know more.
  4. Demonstrate – somehow so they can develop the feeling of how doing with your business is the obvious choice.
  5. Close – in such a way that customers are encourage to do business with your because you are the obvious choice.
  6. Negotiation – when necessary is not only on price, but can also include delivery date, form of payment and a variety of other possibilities. Create a win-win situation for a customer to work with you.
  7. Delivery – of your product or service need to be done so you can make it memorable. Even when simply shipping product by UPS or FedEx this can be done.
  8. Follow-up – is the key factor that all of the most successful sales people and sales organizations do.

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