Mission Statement

To Optimize every Opportunity With Zealous Enthusiasm For Every Client:

  • Having event planning and logistics handled perfectly every time by our team of experts.

  • Developing and delivering training consulting which provides the necessary tools to improve performance, manage and measure process, and establish goals to produce desired outcomes.

  • Providing research that helps businesses improve results by learning more about their customers and employees, inside and outside of their business.


To be a respected international business that strategically helps organizations obtain their own visions – and our associates achieve their goals – through Meeting & Event Planning, Training & Consulting, and Inside, Outside Research.


Our History

OOZEit Tools are powered by the parent company of Strategic Business Communications or SBC. SBC has been in the business of helping business owners, managers, and salespeople improve sales primarily through sales and marketing training and consulting since 1987. In each area of the sales and marketing process SBC training consultants work with clients to increase overall business by working in areas such as internet sales management, strategic planning, how to find, sell, close and keep customers, prospecting, how to improve salesperson performance, and many others.

OOZEit tools was derived first as a resource to gather customer and employee data to measure information on (NPS) Word of Mouth advertising, customer profile information, perform a S.W.O.T., and gather market data. From this first tool OOZEit tools has grown into App building and Website building. Everything we build or do is done to help clients convert more leads into sales, and OOZEit tools support that effort. For years SBC recommended to clients they improve sales through Website tools, developing more word of mouth, build and use CRM’s, and find more ways to create loyalty. The result was we found many companies who were great at building the tools, but not great at building the tool to convert leads into sales.

We believe that every business needs to Optimize every Opportunity with Zealous Enthusiasm, they should OOZEit, and if they do business will grow.