Multimedia Engagement

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With Multimedia Engagement you can sell music through iTunes.

  • You can integrate songs that are available on iTunes.
  • You can sell songs to fans and customers.
  • This is a perfect platform to allow users to comment on your music and then share the music on with others.
  • This is a perfect medium for bands, DJ’s, and businesses in general.

There is no limit on how much media you can integrate.

  • You can integrate your YouTube account.
  • Your recorded Podcasts can also be integrated in the app.
  • What a great way to share your Flickr and Picasa galleries.
  • There is no limit to how many photos you can upload.

Sharing and integrating your media in an app help people find and share your images, videos and podcast with their friends. It is all part of effort to make your business go viral. And viral means money.