Send push messages directly to your customers.

  • You can send unlimited push messages right to customers mobile devices.
  • Push notifications allow you to send out immediate messages to customers and Inform them of business events and specials.
  • You can update app customers on new app content you have.Push Notifications 4
  • There is no limit on the number of push notifications you send and they are free.
  • You can send location enabled messages using radius or specific areas where you want customers to receive push messages.

Special offers will entice customers to visit.

  • You can send special offers to customers to entice them to your location.
  • When business is slow you can send coupons immediately to customers to draw them in.
  • You can send push messages to customers 24/7 through your dashboard.
  • Redeemable offers are a provocative way to draw customers back.

You can send push notifications from anywhere.

  • The push notification dashboard is available online to you 24/7. You can access the dashboard anywhere through an internet connecting and send messages immediately, or setup and schedule future push messages.


Once we build and host an app for you, you will be provided with a private dashboard to manage your app. The dashboard allows you to send an unlimited number of push notifications to your customers. You define dates and times for these push notifications to go out as you desire. You are 100% in control 24/7.

You can send text push notifications up to 128 characters. In addition to plain text push notifications, we have multiple beautifully pre-designed templates to entice and captivate your customers into your business.

There are many options available for Push Notifications.

  • You can select to send to either iPhone, Android users or Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can choose to send notifications to All Users or to users only in a specific region.
  • You can send links in your push notifications to direct people directly to:You have to the option to send push notifications immediately or a future date and time to send it.
    • a specific page on your website (URL);
    • a specific tab in the app
  • You can also set a specific time and date at which the push notification will expire and no longer be sent to customers.