With your app dashboard, you are able to create any number of mobile loyalty programs The dashboard is available 24/7 to you as it is online. These loyalty promotions can have a profound effect on driving business for you.

You can reward customers for their repeat visits.Loyalty Programs - Loyalty Card Feature 4

  • An app allows you to have customer loyalty promotions that encourage existing, as well as new customers to install your app.
  • Repeat visits or purchases can be encouraged through e.g. Buy 3 get one free promotions or get 10% off your next visit, etc.
  • Customers can be rewarded for their patronage of your business with coupons that entice more sales.
  • Through the dashboard, you can see see what and how many customers are taking advantage of specific promotions, providing a view of the direct return on investment.

Powerful loyalty programs are a great way to drive sales.

  • GPS “check-in” coupons allow you to automatically send special offers to customers who have visited your location a specific number of times.
  • A QR code coupon system allows people to scan a QR code that you have generated and they will instantly receive the advertisement or special you are promoting..
  • On device stamp card systems are a great way to do away with old fashioned punch cards or other such tracking systems. You simply enter a code on the customers phone and the tracking is automatic. The coupon is automatically stamped on the customers phone in their app. This provides security for your promotions.
  • The coupons can be customized for any business and any number of coupons are available at the same time for different promotions. For example you can have a promotion if someone installs your app. A percentage off discount promotion and buy 2 get one free. All can run at the same time.
  • Reward your best customers for supporting your business. It is far easier to drive additional business through existing customers than capture new customers. Once existing customer have great experiences they tell and invite their friends.