3rd party integration with partners to make your apps fly.

Using 3rd party integrations are very powerful. They allow you to perform operations for you automatically. For example: Iif someone signs up to receive your email newsletter through the app, the email address is automatically added into your MailChimp account.

Your mailing list contacts will be automatically synced to: MailChimp; MyEmma; Campaign Monitor; Constant Contact; Get Response or iContact. This allows customers to sign up through the app to receive email promotions.

WuFoo Integration 1

We are officially partnered with WuFoo. You can use this custom form builder and capture data you require from your customers.

Shopify 3Magento 3Volusion 3

Your shopping cart items will be automatically synced with services like: Shopify; Magento; Volusion.

3rd Party Integrations - OpenTable 3 GrubHub 3

Your reservation system will be automatically synced with services like: OpenTable Dining Reservations; GrubHub.

Once the 3rd party integrations are setup you can integrate your content in seconds.

3rd Party Integrations - YouTube 3 Flickr 3

You can easily display tons of videos from your YouTube channel and they will be automatically synced with YouTube. The same is true for iTunes and Flickr.

3rd Party Integrations - AdMob 3

You can integrate mobile ads into your app using Admob.

Picasa 3 Instagram 3

Your photos will be automatically synced with: Picasa; Instagram.